Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ughh ..My walmart is driving me mad!

There's nothing worse than having a plan all laid out for scoring some deals with coupons only to have it go awry. My Super Walmart is remodeling and you can't find a blasted thing in there. I searched high and low for the trial sized Crest White Strips which would have netted me some pretty sweet deals with the overage but alas they had everything crammed together and nothing restocked ...uggh. The plus side is it's going to awesome when they get it finished and I can get back to shopping normally .... until then here's what I happened to get.

9 Gillette Fusion Razor Box set ringing up at $5 - $4/1 gilette fusion razor coupon made them $1 a piece.

10 Gillette Body/Shampoo Wash $2 a piece - $2 Gillette shampoo coupon = Free

6 Huggies Clean Team Buddies .97 each - $3/3 Clean Team coupons = Free

7 Febreze Noticables $5.97 each - $5/1 Febreze Noticible coupons = .97 each

6 Jello Singles .50 - .50 coupon = Free

Total : 115.61

Coupon Amount : $ 100.00

Out Of Pocket Paid : $16.55 (including tax)

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