Friday, October 31, 2008

$20 For Charity Blog Review ...

I came across this blog $20 For Charity during the Bloggy Carnival Giveaway. I decided to blog about $20 for charity not only for the extra entries to her giveaway that I so want to win for Justice but her blog is so much more. Not only does she posts about great deals, but she also post deals that would be great give to charity ... Something I love to do myself. I love to score deals and stockpile it but I also give alot of it away to family and the local food bank.

So check out her blog totally rocks! She has deals for Kroger, CVS, Bath & Body Works and so much more . She has also blogged about items she has donated which has given me some great ideas I never thought about.

While your there don't forget to enter her 2nd giveaway for the Baby Einstein Collection 1 DVD boxed set of 9 Baby Einstein DVD's.

Take Care,
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