Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Tuesday & Hot Online Deals

There are many little things in life I just love .. a good book, a sappy movie but what gives me the ultimate curl my toes, I am so excited I am shaking inside feeling (besides a good kiss of course) is a great deal. I get a thrill out of scoring the sweetest deals to be had online and in stores and I love when the grocery store pays ME to stock my shelves with there goods. So today I am going to share my favorite site SlickDeals (I am nothing more than a devoted member) to score some of these great deals not to mention they have a contest and freebie sections as well. Don't forget to stop back in and let me know some of the great deals you scored!

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The Mom of 'em said...

thanks for stopping by my blog for the blog party! I enjoyed visiting you on your site too.