Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Triples & Mega Deals !

I did ok at the Harris Teeter Triples and The Kroger Mega Sale but would have done so much better had they actually had the sale items in stock. I actually have to travel a distance to both of these stores so it can be rather disappointing when you go only to be greeted by empty shelves. I hope to really do better at the upcoming Ingles Triples.

For all the above items at Harris Teeter (Top Pic)total was $333.55. After coupons I paid oop $18.32 and get $10 back since my HBA reward didn't automatically come off.

Kroger Mega Sale total was $140.74. After coupons I paid oop $17.04 which really sucked because $5 of that was because I didn't receive my $5 end of total because my wonderful husband was rushing me and I miscounted my sponges ..arghhh. $10 of it was my 20 lb turkey that is not in the photo because he was camera shy and the rest blasted tax.

I really hope I do much better at the new sales coming up ...

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Becca said...

That is amazing, how do you do that???